Saturday, August 15, 2009

Is PVR worth visiting and that too after spending this much money…..??

I went yesterday with my friends to watch a newly released movie at PVR, ambience mall, Gurgaon. This was supposed to be a fun time out for us. But turned out to be a stressful experience. The video quality was pathetic, sound also too bad to bear. One of our friend had a headache on watching this poor performance. I am not sure it was because of bad movie or bad projection of movie or both. But we couldn’t bear it. We complained to the service manager of PVR who came and after much requested tried to accept that there is some problem with the show.

But he said he can do nothing, instead offered all of us tickets for any other movie we wanted. We were already pissed off with the experience we had and were in no mood to watch any movie again. Even one of our friend walked out of the theatre.

Although the manager offered us the tickets, this is not what we expect from something like PVR. Everyone going there spends hell lot of money to watch movie in these multiplexes. And see what we get in return. The quality of movies which we get by road side illegal vendors  is lot better than what we saw yesterday at PVR.

These guys should really think that money which people are spending on purchasing the tickets is not earned so easily and should value the time and money of everyone. We went for a fun filled evening that was really screwed by those guys.

This experience forces me to think if these multiplexes are worth visiting…??