Thursday, September 10, 2009

MPs flying Business Class..!!

I was watching a debate on why MPs should fly business class. To my shock Manish Tiwari, Rajib Dasgupta and Rajiv Pratap Rudi said that the directive for domestic and business travel for Govt. employees does not apply to MPs. He says MPs are not bound by thumb rules of Govt. The question is simply, why I should pay my hard earned money for the leisure of MP's business class travel, when I have to fight everyday for using public transport while commuting to and from office. Providing good roads and public transport is the responsibility of these elected MPs. Instead they are arguing why they should not travel business class. What a shame, we are electing guys who are more concerned about their pleasure, rather than trying to ease out the lives of people who elected them (do not forget the perks they enjoy as MP). Take the example of cyber city Gurgaon. The roads are pathetic, and public transport sucks.

These elected representatives should realise, why are they elected and should act accordingly instead of fighting baselessly. Or else people like me should refuse to pay taxes. We need a account of how our money is being used or misused.

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