Monday, November 09, 2009

The "Berlin Wall" we are building..!!

Today when whole world is celebrating 20th anniversary of fall of Berlin wall, there are people in our country trying to build it again here. Today morning was a great day for Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) members as they attacked state Samajwadi Party chief Abu Azmi inside the legislature after he insisted on taking his oath as a legislator in Hindi. Interestingly the Maharashtra legislature at Nariman Point is a high-security area. When Azmi got up to take the oath in Hindi and as he uttered the first few words, MNS members, all of them first-timers in the House, sprang up from their seats, shouted slogans and rushed towards Azmi. As Azmi continued to take the the oath in Hindi, MNS's Ramesh Banjle uprooted the microphone and threw it away. Other MNS members came and surrounded Azmi, pushed and punched him and an MNS member, Ram Kadam, was seen on live television slapping and hitting him on the chest and shoulders.

Even after Mr. Speaker Ganpatrao Deshmukh immediately adjourned the House for over half an hour, the MNS members continued their aggressive stance, indulging in sloganeering, displaying banners and damaging the fittings inside the assembly. Defending the actions of the party legislators, MNS spokesperson Shirish Parker even argued that Hindi was not the national language of the country. Some MLAs were allowed to take their oath in English. If that was ok, then why not Hindi? What made them (MNS) believe that they can impose anything on anyone?

Indian constitution allows any elected member to take oath in any of the Indian language and anyone stopping him needs to be prosecuted as per the law.

Leaders from all parties condemn the action of MNS party MLAs. Speaker has suspended 4 MLAs for four years. Now are they in a position to serve their constituencies? How can they be henceforth referred as MLAs.

Congress party members say that anything happening inside assembly, Speaker will take an action. Govt will take action if this had happened outside assembly. What a joke ..!!

Incidentally Raj Thakrey's son studies at Bombay Scottish High. As per his dad's policies he should study in some Marathi medium school and speak and learn only in Marathi. If he further wants to be an engineer, his dad will get all the theorems and theories re written in Marathi by Einstein and Edison.

What I expect next that Bollywood will cease to exist as it is in Hindi, Stock exchange guys has to trade only in Marathi, no Sanskrit chanting at temples, everything has to be converted to Marathi, there has to be a Marathi version of "Jan Gan Man" and "Vande Mataram", no Hindi version of Mahabharat and Bhagvad Geeta allowed.

Why do Mr Thakre forgets that he is existing because Hindustan exists. Who gave him and his party rights to say that Hindi is not the national language and I wonder for how long we have to witness all this useless and baseless stuff from him. Pl. Mr. Prime Minister, do something, enough is enough..!!

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