Sunday, May 31, 2009

Australian for Racism

Australia was considered as a heaven for outsiders, people used to go there without any fear for holidaying and studying. Most of them were Indian. It was a heaven for Indian student, study and earn side by side that too while enjoying the scenic beauties and beaches like Bondi beach.

But ever since this incident of racist attacks on a group of students from Hyderabad every one is scared to visit that place. Even families are asking students studying over there to come back because they are scared, really scared. Today there was a rally peace rally outside Victorian Parliament by Indian immigrants to Australia. That showed the anger of Indians over there. Although Australian High Commissioner in India condemned this incident of racism and assured that Government of Australia will ensure that this will not happen again, but the faith of people is already shaken and its really difficult to restore that.

Big B had done a good thing by refusing to accept the honorary doctorate degree offered by an Australian University. As he writes on his blog ”I can’t accept an honour from people who are are targeting my fellow countrymen for no reason ”

We as good hosts, welcome each and every visitor to India and give them so respect (although there are people who try to overcharge and make money, Amir khan is appearing in an advertisement to discourage all this acts) and see what are we

In fact if the things go like this, as suggested my friend KG, there can be a scene where those 10 thousand people who came for peace march will come back soon and start demanding for a separate state to ensure security for them and their people.

Its like they are saying “I’d love India, If I don’t have to live in it”

Come on some respect…!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The day when Kolkata stood Still

It was a regular morning on 25-05-2009. I got ready for going to office and was about to leave when I noticed that it was drizzling outside. Since I was in a hurry and was also hungry, I took a yellow trademark “Taxi” and started for office. On reaching office, I realised that the weather is not so good and I have no chance for having a breakfast. Anyways thanks to a colleague I got homemade Rotis and curry to fill my hungry stomach.

We started our work once it was 09:15 AM. It was still raining outside and the wind was blowing at such a speed that it looked like they are practising for laps at F1 circuits. It all started to go out of control at around 11:00 AM. Trees were trying to fly away in the skies and it also started raining heavily. Then most of us realised that it was “Aila”. I later came to know that although MET department had given a warning in advance but no one cared as usual because of their past track record of success in predictions.

This was first time I was witnessing something like this in my life till now. No one was allowed to leave the building. We can see metal sheets flying around, trees getting uprooted and it seems as if the building will fell down.

ITC BuildingThere was shortage of food inside office as uprooted trees had blocked all the ways and caterers were not able to deliver food. We all somehow managed our lunch.

ITC Center

During the time “Aila” was here at Kolkata, it halted all forms of lives. Worst hit were all the small shopkeepers on footpath. All the road side eating joints were ransacked. Cars crushed, electricity supply interrupted, water supply gone for a toss and lots of property destroyed.

JL Nehru

No one was sure of how long the situation will remain like  this. It all lasted for few hours, with worried people about what is going to happen next. Amid all this confusion, it was declared a holiday and people were asked to reach there respective homes before the next round of storm which was predicted by MET department which luckily misses Kolkata keeping department’s tradition alive. 

One of our seniors offer me a drop till my friend’s place and what I saw on my way back home was also bad. People were running like mad everywhere to reach their home safely.


No one in my office has been witness to anything like this at Kolkata. I saw Kolkata Police working hard to clear all this mess, but “Aila” caught the administration off guard and they have to struggle hard fighting all this.


Although its more than 36 hours since “Aila” passes Kolkata, administration is still fighting to bring back everything to normal. One can still see the uprooted trees still lying on road sides.


People are protesting as in few places they are still deprived of water and electricity supply. One of the major blockage by protestors today at places near to second Hoogly bridge sent traffic for a toss and people reached office as late as 12.00 PM today. Anyways life is coming back to normal at Kolkata after few hours of disaster and shock.

Whatever happens, life always comes back on track sooner or later….That’s the beauty of journey called life.

Road – Pic - Trip

Few days back it was a lazy weekend approaching when I got an invite from Jamy for lunch at his place on Sunday afternoon which I happily accepted. Any invite from Jamy is meant to be accepted unconditionally as it is always bound to be a fun session. Every time I had been to his place, he is always ready with surprises and we had all enjoyed every time.

I was joined by Opium and KG for that lunch. We had a splendid round of Rajma-Rice-Curry along with Raita. All this was followed by a round of mango delicacy courtesy KG. We all were relaxing after that awesome treat, sting when we had an idea of going out for a road trip. Opium opted out owing sleeping disorders of his but rest of us three proceeded towards an unknown destination .

IMG_4955We crossed people enjoying an careless evening at Maidan and Victoria Memorial as we proceeded towards our unknown destination.

IMG_4964 IMG_4966

From there we headed towards second Hoogly bridge with an intention to have a drive at highway. I was especially excited as this was the first time I was going to those places in my stint at Kolkata.

IMG_4973Crossed toll bridge and continued to drive towards Delhi on NH06 although KG wanted to drive towards Mumbai but Jamy smilingly turned down his repeated request.


The view all around was very refreshingly green and lovely reminding me of one of my older trips to country sides.



By the time we reached Kona expressway it had already started raining and we were enjoying each and every moment of that.

IMG_4990  IMG_4994

By this time it was getting dark and we were also feeling hungry so we decided to give rest to our engines and cylinders to cool off.

IMG_5002And then it was time for Begun & Aloo Bhaja along with cups of tea served hot complimented with Parle-G.

IMG_5000 IMG_5001

After finishing all this we decided to take a U turn and started our journey back towards our dens. It was raining all the way back adding to the pleasure of the journey.

Enjoyed this Road-Pic-Trip to the most and looking forward to so many detoxifying and revitalising moments like this soon with you guys…!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Don't show Us The Finger, “The Bachchans”

After the day of voting at Mumbai, we saw may celebrities sporting the inked finger and flashing it to the press and media, but I was quite shocked at Amitabh, Abhishek and gracious Aishwarya Bachchan brandishing their middle fingers for the benefit of photographers after they voted during the Mumbai polls. The world knows exactly what it means, even 12-year-olds even in Asian countries like India and China. And I suspect the teen in Bangladesh and Pakistan too understand this.


It was neither needed nor expected, even for a noble cause like  voting and nor was it can be considered decent. Soon other actors followed suit and there was a sizeable stream of Bollywood's glitterati making the obscene gesture. With final round of voting due tomorrow, I won't be surprised if hordes of young Indian voters, impressed by the finger flaunting celebrities, come out of polling booths across the country showing their middle fingers.

Some actors, though, fully aware of the significance of holding up their middle fingers all their fingers, more gracefully and correctly.

While I have don’t have anything against the gesture as such, or any other thing that people do privately, but I believe people seem to have taken offence at someone like the Big B and Aishwarya getting so rude, that too publicly. Few things or acts, however trendy and rebellious or youthful and iconic, are just not cool, especially when you subject others to it. It’s like smoking or using the big F word. 

In Western cultures, says Wikipedia, In many Western countries extending only the middle finger and sometimes along with the thumb of the same hand, is an offensive and obscene gesture, colloquially known as "flipping a bird" or "Flipping someone off." In some cultures, the middle finger is used as an index, to point things out.Believed by leading experts to be originated in North America.

Can we please have a less vulgar and more modern way of showing the support to voting now? So that there's no ink on our fingers and there's no need for Big B and Abhi-Aish to flash The Finger at us first thing in the morning when the go to vote next time?

Its raining @ Kol

Thank God, Its raining here at Kolkata..after a week of draining heat its rain time…cool breezeee and Kolkata looks good for a change…just there will be traffic jams..but no issues..we will still enjoy it :)