Monday, November 09, 2009

The "Berlin Wall" we are building..!!

Today when whole world is celebrating 20th anniversary of fall of Berlin wall, there are people in our country trying to build it again here. Today morning was a great day for Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) members as they attacked state Samajwadi Party chief Abu Azmi inside the legislature after he insisted on taking his oath as a legislator in Hindi. Interestingly the Maharashtra legislature at Nariman Point is a high-security area. When Azmi got up to take the oath in Hindi and as he uttered the first few words, MNS members, all of them first-timers in the House, sprang up from their seats, shouted slogans and rushed towards Azmi. As Azmi continued to take the the oath in Hindi, MNS's Ramesh Banjle uprooted the microphone and threw it away. Other MNS members came and surrounded Azmi, pushed and punched him and an MNS member, Ram Kadam, was seen on live television slapping and hitting him on the chest and shoulders.

Even after Mr. Speaker Ganpatrao Deshmukh immediately adjourned the House for over half an hour, the MNS members continued their aggressive stance, indulging in sloganeering, displaying banners and damaging the fittings inside the assembly. Defending the actions of the party legislators, MNS spokesperson Shirish Parker even argued that Hindi was not the national language of the country. Some MLAs were allowed to take their oath in English. If that was ok, then why not Hindi? What made them (MNS) believe that they can impose anything on anyone?

Indian constitution allows any elected member to take oath in any of the Indian language and anyone stopping him needs to be prosecuted as per the law.

Leaders from all parties condemn the action of MNS party MLAs. Speaker has suspended 4 MLAs for four years. Now are they in a position to serve their constituencies? How can they be henceforth referred as MLAs.

Congress party members say that anything happening inside assembly, Speaker will take an action. Govt will take action if this had happened outside assembly. What a joke ..!!

Incidentally Raj Thakrey's son studies at Bombay Scottish High. As per his dad's policies he should study in some Marathi medium school and speak and learn only in Marathi. If he further wants to be an engineer, his dad will get all the theorems and theories re written in Marathi by Einstein and Edison.

What I expect next that Bollywood will cease to exist as it is in Hindi, Stock exchange guys has to trade only in Marathi, no Sanskrit chanting at temples, everything has to be converted to Marathi, there has to be a Marathi version of "Jan Gan Man" and "Vande Mataram", no Hindi version of Mahabharat and Bhagvad Geeta allowed.

Why do Mr Thakre forgets that he is existing because Hindustan exists. Who gave him and his party rights to say that Hindi is not the national language and I wonder for how long we have to witness all this useless and baseless stuff from him. Pl. Mr. Prime Minister, do something, enough is enough..!!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Calling all mobile content developers..!!

Nokia..a leader in Mobile world needs no introduction.

If you are interested in developing applications for mobile and you have a believe in you that you can change the world of mobile users. This is the place for you to be there.

Forum Nokia Developer Conference 2009 on Dec 7,  @ Bangalore, Hotel Taj Residency.

It’s time to free yourself. It’s time to unlock the star within you. At Forum Nokia Developer Conference ’09, get inspired to create your very own application that will run on hundreds and millions of mobile devices all over the world. This year’s event promises to be very special with live demos, real-life mobile application stars who ‘wowed’ the world with their mobile applications to win fame and fortune, and much more. Also, explore how Nokia’s new Ovi Store ensures developers have easy access to publish applications and content to millions of Nokia devices through a unified publishing channel. Get to know the dynamic technology platforms for creating truly compelling user experiences. Get to learn new skills, new connections, and new ideas to create tomorrow’s technologies.

Get ready to step out of the shadows and be in the limelight.

You can find more details Here

Besides there is a Nokia N97 up for grabs too. So check it out!

I will be there to enrich my experience....come.. join..learn..enjoy..!!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Being Single..!!

Being single..not too bad a days its more because of choice, because you are waiting to reach somewhere,  because you are trying to attain something, because you are still waiting for someone of your type and so on.....Now in these time when there are 10-15 % kids in schools are bought up by single parents, being single is not so bad, isn't it?

People choose to be single and are not forced to be so..!!

Being single is not such a bad thing actually. Especially if all your friends and siblings are happily hitched to the sides of spouses/lovers and all you have to boast of is yourself.

The truth is, if you do have a girlfriend, well, good for you. Try holding on to her for as long as you can. But if you don't, you might consider yourself not really too unlucky after all. For, being single is not the worst thing in the world. In fact, its benefits rather outweigh its downsides.

Apart from the limitless freedom that it entails, there are also other such things as an open market and the life of adventure, if you know what I mean (and don't let your imagination run too far for its own good).

But if you want to get into more specifics, here are the few :)

Freedom of movement:  There is nothing a single man enjoys more than this. For, what can beat the pleasure of hopping onto your bike at 11 p.m. and going for a long ride into the dark unknown, to dwell on the joys and sorrows of singleness? (okay, it actually gets better than this).

Nobody questions your late hours or your disappearances for long intervals of time. Your disappearances might be either due to some inane programme that you wanted to attend (without the danger of expanding your mind) or again to ride off into the night to mull over the cruelties of life. Or you may choose to party late into the night with a few well-chosen friends and get up late the next day only to be forced to take off from work due to the hangover. This is not necessarily a good thing.

Your earnings don't have to be split two-ways. So apart from the tax you give the government, you still get to blow up your pay-check on other trivial pursuits, and no questions asked – except, of course, from the magistrate the next morning if you get yourself locked up. But that will be your own fault.

You can spend your private moments at home blasting music and singing at the top of your lungs into a hairbrush, with the shutters down.

You don't have to be in bed by midnight every day, only to wake up again when you've just dropped off, at 1 a.m. when the baby brings the roof down. Conversely, if you're unmarried and not living-in, you don't have to stay awake till 2 a.m. on the phone just because your girlfriend at the other end can't get sleep and needs to talk about the exciting happenings of the previous day (for some strange reason, they're always most exciting at 2 a.m.).

You don't have to spend endless hours shopping for stuff that'll never make a difference to your life (conversely, if you do indulge her, she might indulge you too later on).

You don't have to be constantly reminded about things you forgot to do. When you do remember them, however, it might be too late. But that's another matter.

You can stay back late at work and not be blamed for it, even if you were actually working.

You can pick your nose or eat stuff off the table, and no one will rap your knuckles .

You can be yourself... for as long as you want.

All these things notwithstanding, you still might consider wanting to hitch up some day. Because, of all of God's creations, there's no one quite like the woman.