Monday, February 08, 2010

Well done SRK..!!

Today Shahrukh spoke up finally after all that controversy about Pak players in IPL. He in a very bold voice says "I may be coward as I don't speak up for everything but I am not scared of anything or anyone". You need to have guts to say something like that. That too against someone while sitting in their so called den. As we understand clearly what he meant by saying this, we should also appreciate that he took a stand for what he thought was correct and stood there irrespective of being threatened by Shiv Sena. There was not much of support for him from his own Bollywood and the state government. When general people like me are debating on if Hindi is our national language or not, or if there exists anything like national language, when migrants are feeling scared in Mumbai, when existence of state governments doesn't makes any sense as it fails to give its citizens any feeling of comfort and security in that state, a tough stand by a public personality makes some point.

SRK made an interesting point, our  politicians are not sure about their stand towards Pakistan. They say we should not have any sporting relations with Pakistan but still we are playing against them in commonwealth games, in hockey, in everything, but not cricket. Come on, make yourself clear on your stand guys.

If he whose so much was on stake doesn't stepped back, then why can't we take a stand towards togetherness and try to keep aside the differences of caste, religion, colour, region, quotas, language and politics revolving all this, and be fellow citizens of a country India which is full of cultural diversity but still standing tall despite all odds for many year and will continue to be like that. To me it doesn't looks like as an unachievable task. So lets all of us come together for achieving this aim.

हिंदी हैं हम, वतन है.हिन्दुस्तान हमारा....!!

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Edward said...

Saare jahan se achha... hindusitan hamara :-)