Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My country, my people..!!

It has became a fashion statement now a days to say "I love my country". But how many do really care. If its my country, then it should also be my fellow people and my rules too.

How many of us wear a helmet or use a seat belt or never drive after drinking because its my country's rule and I should respect it? Although I met someone last week who refused to drive after a drinks session, these type of people are rare to find. He said, its our rules and we should respect it, I am impressed. Instead most of us will prefer to ignore the rules and they rarely care for the law enforcers.

Today I saw in the flight, my fellow British passenger switched off his mobile on being instructed but one of our fellow Indian (he was wearing shirt of one of the biggest auto manufacturing company) left his mobile switched on. When we were about to land he got a message on his mobile and surprisingly he was not sorry to commit that mistake, rather he was smiling, how shameful. That British guy was surprised to see my fellow passenger's reaction and said, its really bad that people don't follow the rules.

If we really feel India as our country, instead of wearing a I love my country statement, or wearing a tri-colour  face paint we should try to follow and obey the rules, which are formulated to save ourselves.  We should be a bit more polite to our fellow travelers, be more patient while standing in a queue at a airport, or at ticket counter for a movie and so on.

Then we can say proudly, my country, my people, my rules and I respect them all..!!

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