Monday, April 05, 2010

School days....!!

Gone are the days when we used to look forward to new academic sessions. The excitement of reading all the stories of our books as soon as we get them. The days when the school reopened in July and we settled at our new desks and benches. When we used to chase one another in the corridors and returned drenched in sweat. We never required an water purifier at that time. We never complained for air conditioner not working properly. We were never afraid of going out in sun and playing for the whole day.

When a single games period in the week's time table was awaited more eagerly than the lunch break. Playing always superseded the hunger for food. The sports day, annual day used to take one full month of preparations and we used to have fun doing that.

We used to study,  enjoy, played, win few games, lose few but still we returned happy everyday.

I used to wonder when will I start working and earning....and now I wonder why did I wished to work and earn..those were better days with no timelines, no targets, no appraisals and no expectations.

I badly miss you my school days....!!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Are they too supposed to follow the rules.....!!

Here I am sitting inside train, wondering if only I and fellow civilians are supposed to follow the rules laid down by "The Government of India" or  it applies to everyone including the people who are serving in armed forces.

When our train reached Agra Cantonment, I stepped out to have stroll and was really shocked to see a army vehicle parked bang opposite to my coach on platform no 1. The vehicle was surely belonging to some big shot, it was with a red light on it, a alert driver in uniform and 2-3 more guys waiting for the Sahab to get down from the train. Wow..!!


I am  really shocked to see this. When ex-prime minister don't have a right to drive his own vehicle on the platform, I wonder if there are separate rules for the armed forces. If this is how the resources are being used from the money I am paying as tax, I rather prefer not to pay tax anymore, I refuse to pay tax now and I want all my money paid as tax (even though its too small) back. Or else, I request authorities to give me right also to drive in my vehicle to the platform whenever I am traveling by train. 


Come on, reply to me guys, me and every taxpayer like me is waiting...!!