Friday, May 28, 2010

Uttam Pradesh...!!

The rulers of Uttar Pradesh want to make the state as Uttam Pradesh and they are claiming to be working towards achieving the same. 

And we all who are related to UP are amazed to see these figures
  • 40 % people are living below poverty line
  • Net worth of the CM is 88 Crores
  • Crime rate is at par with world’s most advanced and developed cities
  • Criminals, if caught are taking rest in hospitals instead of being in jails and are operating from there
  • People paying toll tax for roads which are under construction for many years
  • Growth rate which is one of the lowest in India amongst all the states
  • Poor infrastructure and public facilities

Those who had ever been to Noida, which is incidentally an integral part of NCR can clearly distinguish that all the claims are on paper only. There is nothing which Government is doing for the state and city. All you see around are huge statues and parks which are either under construction or are inaccessible to general public. What is the point having parks with huge statues of the current chief minister? 

There are numerous villages in UP with a glorious past but poor present and no future. There is no electricity, no roads and medical services are non-existent and despite all this the same ruler is occupying the chair of head of state.

I really wonder is this how the rulers will lead the state to glory?

If people of UP do not want to flourish like their neighboring states (Bihar clocked up a giddy growth rate of 11.03% in 2008-2009), they need to seriously think before choosing their leaders. Please guys think above caste and religion and vote for the growth of your state to really make it an Uttam Pradesh.

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Palanisamy Janakaraj said...

If the common man start asking the what they want... Hope we can see .. educate the rights to common man...