Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A small town boy..!!

A small town boy, born at a place which can be considered farm away from today's world, looks back at a lot of memories
  • Days spent at school
  • Wondering when will he get a chance to watch TV at home
  • Wondering why his parents are not purchasing a fridge
  • Why he can't go on a holiday every year like others
  • What does it takes to purchase a vehicle
  • Wondering why can't he get into engineering 
  • Whats so special about doing graduation outside his city
  • Listening to stories of all his schoolmates, who were studying outside
  • Feeling alone when he has to step out for the first time out of his home
  • Felling scared of fast moving world around him
  • Feeling ashamed of being from a small town
  • Watching the lifestyle of his fellows in disbelief
  • Wondering how is he lagging behind from everyone around him
  • Repenting for not becoming first engineer in his family
  • Thanking his parents hundreds of times for being there and supporting him
  • Silently shedding tears when he becomes the reason for taunts for his family
  • Getting disturbed by his ex-schoolmates' comments on him
  • Feeling content on getting admission in a good collage after his repetitive efforts
  • Again getting depressed on not getting a job as per his parent's expectations
  • Hiding his tears when he has to leave his sibling alone for his graduation
  • Feeling proud of him on his graduation  day
  • Learning about life after backstabbing and being bullied by his seniors at job
He thinks how far he has traveled till date, smiles and starts afresh  for his walk of life ahead...
This is the story of every other guy from a small town who has migrated and placed himself into the society dominated by so called residents of big cities....

Aren't you one of them?

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Sammy Chanda said...

I agree with you and can relate.....its the same for me too.....