Sunday, August 15, 2010

Independence celeberated...!!

The nation is celebrating its Independence Day today. India’s struggle for it, is a story of hundreds and thousands of men, women and even children who laid down their lives for attaining this. Many of them never got a chance to see this Independent country. Many of them went unsung and no one knows or remembers them. But as years passed, the sentiments attached with this day are gone. Its now just a holiday which combined with weekend gives a chance to visit home and take rest. Even if its on weekend, its being considered as one holiday wasted.

What is independence for this generation ?
  •  is it freedom to work anywhere in country (which again is becoming a problem due to political influence)
  • freedom to express one’s view (that again is getting restricted to few celebrity news personals only)
  • freedom to wear whatever one likes, eat whatever one wants, study whatever he or she wants or anything like that. 
  • stocking enough supply of liquor (as it is a dry day)
Every one grabs the first chance they get to migrate outside India. I will not blame them also, not everyone is ready to give away the quality of life which is being offered by countries outside India. See what we who opted to stay here are getting.
  • heavy tax being levied (only to know later on that all was utilised properly for corruption) 
  • poor infrastructure in terms of pathetic roads, poor electric supply and  non existing or very poor public transport. 
  • after so may years of Independence a bill for free primary education is accepted in parliament whereas people who migrate abroad are enjoying all these for so many years. 
  • still we are debating on how to negotiate to use medical insurance provided by our employers
  • our players are not allowed participate in events abroad but we are offering free ride to every athlete participating in commonwealth
APJ Abdul Kalam has mentioned in his book ’Wings of Fire’ that “never think of the scope, work hard to create that scope.” Kalam rejected several offers from abroad and stayed in this country and contributed to making India a super power. He stayed in just one room of Rastrapati Bhavan when he was serving the nation as President. Do we really think alike ??

I remember a statement given by one of our visiting lecturer “Indian is not a poor country, its just a poorly managed country” . So its we all who are responsible for making this a perfectly managed country. We as an individual should contribute to the betterment of our country by helping in keeping it clean, by paying taxes in time and in full (although I wish I could have an option to refuse it as I am not getting anything out of that), keep a watch on how is our money being spent by authorities and cross question them if required (we have RTI act, isn’t it), utilising resources responsibly, pooling cars while commuting to office everyday, treating everyone same irrespective of their caste and creed, through improved work ethics and environmental behaviour.

Let us love our country for what it is and let us work together to make it the best so that the coming generations will thank us for preserving our India as “Incredible India”


Himanshu Parashar said...

The remedies suggested by you seems the same as were suggested by Pt. Nehru, some 60 years back. It's not that I live out of my country, so I say this. But, believe me, when you live in a developed country, you miss your home and just after landing there you start to feel bad about it. Every Indian living out of India faces the same confusion. Yes, I take care of all your suggestions, but does that matter? I am not a pessimist, but, I believe even a Gandhi may not be heard by this country again. If he would have been alive, he would not have been killed but would have been left to die. Do you thin the people who work in the profession same as yours or mine have the guts or say to change this country. Cmon bro, get real, you are a Tax payer, your tax goes to provide electricity and water to the slums. I don't see any independent India, we were and are slaves by mind and soul. Yes, the rulers may change, or they may change the location, previously they landed at OFFSHORE now they rule from ONSITE. Open your eyes, me too wants a revolution, but Bhagat Sing was killed by us Indians at that time too. I do apologies for the grammatical mistakes or personal comments and using a lot of 'Buts'. Probably, I still care about my country.

Jayant said...

philosopher ban gaya re tu

Jayant said...

philosopher ban gaya re tu to