Sunday, August 15, 2010


Migrants as per definition means "including anyone working outside of their home country. The term can also be used to describe someone who migrates within a country, possibly their own, in order to pursue work such as seasonal work"

That makes everyone who doesn't belongs to the city he or she is working in, a migrant. That puts me in line with daily workers who are here working for many factories in this city, the only difference may be the pay cheque. Also that puts few very senior guys at par with them as migrant. Looks funny, isn't it ?

Their living condition, socio-ecomonic status may differ from me but I am no different from them all. I am also staying in a city unknown to me, a place who may not like me, people who may not appreciate my presence between their gang and am always considered as an outsider. Though few migrant people might have created their own comfort zone, but from the core of their heart they all know and feel the pain if being an migrant.

We migrants may always be considered as outsiders for these cities, but one should never forget that we play a major role in development of these cities. These migrants survive in absolutely unhygienic place but their contribution enable the entrepreneurs to have their pics on covers of business magazines. Remember none of the famous city in history was build by locals, it was build by migrant slaves.

So if can't give the migrants their share, at least please don't hate them..!!


Puja said...

WE don't hate you BOSS....WE admire You.....

Neeraj Thakur said...

In a land of migrants, one was not an alien but simply the latest arrival