Monday, November 15, 2010


You are getting late to office, lost in your thoughts about the presentation to boss and you accidentally missed the red light at traffic signal. Cop catches you and you get away by paying hundred rupees to him. Is this a bribe ?

You are desperate to go home for festive vacation, but could not get a ticket. You paid few extra hundred rupees to the ticket checker and manage to get a berth in the train. Is this a bribe ?

You go for a vacation with your friends, but entry to a public place is closed. You had a talk with the security guard, gave him one hundred rupee note and got the entry to that place. Is this a bribe ?

You applied for a passport, but don't have time to go through complete verification. You go to a broker who charges you for his service and your Passport is delivered at your place. Is this a bribe ?

You got your driving license without even appearing for a driving test because you applied through an agent. Is this bribe ?

If all these above does not look like bribe to you, who do you think gave you right to blame Raja, Kalmaadi or any of the politicians. tey are all elected by us only. So if they are into corruption because we want all of them to be at that place taking part in corruption on our behalf.. 

I strongly believe that "Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want....." 

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Abbas said...

True..indeed...we are to be blamed only..we are the source of every corruption..and we haven't done anything to change it..including me!!