Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Who should be blamed ?

The incident of a building collapse at Laxminagar, Delhi again opened a Pandora box. The blame game started among the authorities, media became active all again with all late night discussions dedicated to this topic. 

All the tall claims of Delhi chief minister of the city being world class went for a toss. What was shown to world as Delhi is just the plastic part of city.  Still 30 % of city's population lives in slums and shabby areas. the roads are in pathetic condition. Huge amount was spent on CWG on building stadiums and hostels for the athletes. But there as nothing for general Delhi public. The roads taken by President Obama were the best one. 

But in reality Delhi is an aging city, with rotten infrastructure, clogged roads, increased crime rate, insecurity for women and politics making it worse day by day.

Even in case of building crash, the blame was given to Yamuna river. I wonder why people can't see that Akshardhaam temple which is much closer to Yamuna river stays there proud and tall. If the building which was constructed was illegal, how come they managed to get water and electricity connection from government. No one is concerned about all this. Only thing which they can say that, it aall happened because of Yamuna river and heavy rains. 

Its all in the game........

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Siva K.Balan Pillai said...

The root cause according to me is CORRUPTION. There are two types of corruption: Corruption for NEED and Corruption for GREED. Both of them are equally dangerous. A simple cost-benefit analysis of every occurrence of corruption gives us one lesson - in India, the benefit of going corrupt is far greater than the risk of getting caught, and loss on getting caught!