Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Feeling a Feel . . .!!

How good it feels to be alive,
and to appreciate and enjoy life.

How good it feels to wake up every day,
and to watch the little ones play.

How good it feels to dream at night,
and then wake up to beautiful sunlight.

How good it feels to have good friends,
who will be with you until life's end.

How good it is to have the support of loved ones,
and be able to go out and have fun.

How good it feels to hear, touch, smell, taste, and see,
and live in a time in which we can be whatever we want to be.

How good it feels to breathe in air
and to be able to recognize my happiness and share . . .

Monday, January 03, 2011

Ex-CM Traveling cattle class..!!

Looks nice to see ex chief minister of Madhya Pradesh traveling cattle class with wife and his son. Power shuffle plays around too quick in Indian politics. The so called Diggi Raja traveling economy somehow gives a little hope to the rotten political system of second largest democracy of this world. I think and firmly believe that this guy must be entitled to several free flights but still if he chooses to opt for economy class that too in a private sector carrier, it gives me absolute pleasure to share this. I would not comment on how he was as a chief minister but if this travel of his is to be considered, he looks as a sensible guy and an above average politician.

Although this thinking was not extended by his family members. The son was in his own world where every one around was reporting to his dad and madam was feeling lost due to lack of her assistants. After trying several times to put tray table back, she was forced to ask for assistance and in the end she couldn't resist to take along with her the in-flight magazine :)

And we as young citizens of this country are looking forward to this breed of politicians.