Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Corporate chain..!!

Disclaimer: With all due respect to Mr Shashi Tharoor  (for using his Cattle Class words) and every single corporate entity I came across in my professional journey, irrespective of where they worked, if ever we interacted or not, this is just a funny try and interpretation of  whatever I saw and felt :)

Corporate life has always made me think in different verticals. It has been a funny, stressful, lame, witty, exploring, hilly and sloppy feeling traversing through various corridors of different powerhouses of our ever growing economy. Few I was a part of and for others, few of my friends facilitated me to have this enchanting experience.   

I saw different types of people working with these organisations, some always fighting,  some always shouting,  some reacting to even a whisper, some never ever reacting to anything, some always busy, some always fuzzy, some working hard, some hardly working, some capable of frustrating anyone just by their sheer presence and some capable of making you understand that "a  gearbox is full of gears" by taking you through a 100 page presentation on that. 

I was reading somewhere about food chain, that reminded me of my good old school days and I could easily convert whatever I saw in my professional life to a corporate chain. Although in food chain, everyone is eaten by someone, here in this corporate chain, everyone reports to some one and works for someone. Everyone has got some job to complete and has got something in queue but no one gets killed in literal senses.

There are few who do the job and remain unrecognised and their are few who take credit of everything happening around them. There are few who cannot put their voice through the proper channel and there are few who can ensure that even their sneeze is officially attended to. But since everything is supposed to be running smooth, the proper mix (as per industry standard) is required of these people. I came up with these classifications and role assignments as shown in picture below.

Again I would reinstate that this is a just a funny interpretation and is never meant to hurt or blame anyone and should be taken on a lighter note. I am just trying to add humor to our busy lives :)

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Good one..!!! :-)