Monday, May 30, 2011

Stanleys and Ishans of our world…!!

Watched the movie Stanley ka Dabba today, initially the movie reminded me of my good old days at school, the fun we had at school leading a very carefree life with no tensions of project deadlines and presentations. I was missing my school life all through out the movie but was also shaken a bit towards the end of the movie. I know we are in position so that we can choose our food and delicacies, but it really hurts when a kid has to struggle to get his food and is forced into child labor. I know everyone will say what am I doing for them, just by writing something is not going to change anything in their lives. But since I am not here to explain anything to anyone, I would like to keep my mouth shut on this, I am very well aware on what I am doing and I know from the core of my heart that it gives peace to my mind. But think of this, if we can really spare a bit of our leisure time to help them learn something about real life, that will really help them in being someone. the best way to do this is to do it anonymously and never expect a return from all this.


There are lots and lots of these kids around us losing their innocence of life in struggle of mere existence in this highly paced lives around them. Least we can do is to at-least stop and think about them even if we can’t so anything right now. If we start doing this now, who knows one day we may really do something to help them.


Sammy Chanda said...

I watched Stanley ka Dabba too..I second AKS's thoughts....The movie reminded me of my school days as well and I became nostalgic throughout the movie and after...but the end part is really shocking....we fight for so many things in the world and aspire so many things...but here is the aspiration of the kid is as simple as getting a dabba to school and share it with everyone...just the basic need....perhaps we never had to struggle for that...but kids out there, the deprived, the downtrodden, the tortured, those forced into child labor are doing that all the time while we sleep away in comfort and bask in the glory of our minor achievments....WE CAN ALWAYS HELP THEM OUT.....LET'S DO IT!

A K S said...

Ya very true, the kid just wanted to study and was doing anything and everything for that. On the same time, he never wanted anyone else to know about miseries in his life. I am not sure how many kids even dare to do this in those conditions of life. I stand shaken and shocked with all these adversities of life.