Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bhopal..a bleeding story..!!

Those who died were lucky to die, those who survived are still suffering, crawling towards a painful death. This case is a perfect example of how Indian politicians can screw up lives of their country men just to please a country like America. The CM that time helped the main co accused to flee from country instead of catching him and producing that culprit before court. Now the Congress says they will do their best to bring justice to all who suffered. It’s the same Congress which tried their best to help DOW stay safe out of any problem. I don’t want any justice, just bring back those guys and put them in a gas chamber with MIC gas for just few minutes with their family members. I wonder how America which invaded Iraq fro no reason can live happily with what DOW did to India and how our so nice politicians can eat up money and aid given for the victims to build up their empire.


I feel ashamed to be part of this democracy for what they did to people of Bhopal…!!

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