Saturday, September 28, 2013

Why do we need stimulants always..!!

Why do, we, the people always needs to be reminded of things. Things as small as our basic duties towards society, that we are not supposed to frown on everyone we see around, that a small smile is lot more contagious and welcome than show off of money. We always tend to forget the small pleasures of bringing smile to people whom we don’t know. We start feeling like god in our pseudo power centres of cubicles and it simply vaporises out of our brains that, nothing lasts forever, no power no slavery, no dispute and no loyalty.

We tend to forget things and then get awaken by small things like a simple movie or a statement by a not so smart street kid. why can’t we learn to respect people even before they call it a day, why can’t things be smooth, why can’t everyone have their own share of respect without demanding it in a wrong way.

Someday, I believe this will be taken care of by one who is supposed to get this I will keep walking with that faith..!!