Sunday, June 15, 2014

Do you really have a right of online privacy ?

In today's world where you are being tracked everywhere,  when your mobile and apps installed on it shares your location with the world, when your search results are stored and analyzed by search engine providers and your browser history no longer belongs exclusively to you, do you really have right to privacy ?

In my view, yes you do!

What you do online should only belong to you unless it's shared by you on social media. If you are using tools online to do something, you should not be tracked in the name of providing better suggestions or recommendations. When you use your e-mail, which is a private thing, no one should try to read it and throw suggestions in the name of ads. If they can't sustain providing a free service they should better charge it and leave us alone. Those who can afford it, will use it or people will stop using it. Yes they are not doing us a favor by providing a free service and stealing our very personal data.

When I use my social networking account, I am provided control on what can be shared with whom, similarly when I want to close my social network account, I expect that all my data is deleted from the servers because I no longer want to be available on that social network. Yes, as a user, I do understand that I will loose my all data when I close my account but in the name of making it available anytime, why companies are retaining my personal data forever?

As a consumer or an end user, you are using a free service because it is being offered free (having terms and conditions in coded language doesn't helps at all). Just because you are using a service your privacy can't be left at the mercy of service provider.

What I am doing inside my browser should not be of any concern to anyone, it's me doing something for myself (of course it should not be something against humanity)

As a human being, you me and everyone is entitled to his or her right of online privacy and we do not want to give up on this right anytime for anything..!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Startup…!!

What comes to your mind when someone speaks out this word “Startup” ? I am blessed to have wonderful friends who are the one, really understood the real meaning of this and have given me chance to understand it too. Thanks Macha( and Sal( for this. On the other hand I have also encountered few who are really a shame on the name of this. Thanks to some really money minded idiots.

As far as my understanding of this fabulous word goes, “Startup” means a bunch of young (not necessarily by age) people working together to create an environment wherein everyone is putting their best to achieve something. They are doing it because they love to do that, they are passionate about it and they want people who are joining them to enjoy working with them.

Few ground rules I understood from them

  • Not everything is about money, although it surely matters
  • You can grow if you keep your customers and employees delighted and involved
  • There are no ground rules to achieve what you want to achieve
  • Team means a team that work together, not the bureaucracy
  • Everyone contributes towards achieving, they don’t just do the job
  • You grow and take everyone along
  • You don’t stay as startup forever, you grow and get more organised but keep the spirit alive
  • Individuals never win, its team which always wins
  • Develop a sense of belongingness

For the money minded ones, if you can refer to above basic things, trust me you will grow much more faster.

No one remembers Larry Page or Mark Zuckerberg for which brand of watch or clothing they wear, they are always remembered for what they did for their dream concept.

Its very simple, learn and grow or simply perish under greed..!!

Who me...!!

Who is this inside me which keeps on asking questions to me at every step, every day

  • If what I see is correct
  • If what I listen is correct
  • If what I do is correct
  • Am I fighting for right things
  • Do I see what I should see 
  • Am I ignoring my inner self
  • Am I the person I wanted to be

Don’t know, not sure about what I should reply to all these. I just choose to have these thoughts in mind and “Keep walking”. Maybe someday, somewhere I will stop and answer all of these..!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The playground of democracy…!!

So everyone is talking about politics now, talking about caps, flowers and brooms. Deep inside we are too much of tolerant to anything and everything. We turn blind to so many things everyday, people driving on wrong lanes, jumping red lights, paying bribes on getting caught, loitering at public place and we take them as a part of our lives. And then we talk about being a super power and crib about not being able to become something close to be a power.  Somehow this all gives me a feeling that people love to gossip, discuss for hours on the layout of this “political playground” but when it’s time to really act, they prefer to hide inside their comfort cocoons and hideouts.

Most of the people plan out a holiday, getaway or simple stay inside their homes on voting day. There are many excuses of you not interested, and a simple way to vote if you really are interested. Excuse of not having name in voter list is just an example of laziness, if we can run across to get our cars registered or for a LPG gas connection, we can get this done too. If they can’t go out and vote, what is going to happen by sharing facts and forwards about political parties on social media!

Yes I agree that you have paid taxes (willingly or unwillingly) but just paying taxes doesn’t gives you right to crib if you are not exercising your right to vote. Despite so much of push from media and EC, the voter turnout from the so called cosmopolitan was not great, which itself is a shame. If we can take out time to party despite a busy work life , why can’t we spare one hour in five years to vote ??

If you want to play this game, you have to make your hands dirty, if not for you, at least for your coming generations…!!