Sunday, April 13, 2014

The playground of democracy…!!

So everyone is talking about politics now, talking about caps, flowers and brooms. Deep inside we are too much of tolerant to anything and everything. We turn blind to so many things everyday, people driving on wrong lanes, jumping red lights, paying bribes on getting caught, loitering at public place and we take them as a part of our lives. And then we talk about being a super power and crib about not being able to become something close to be a power.  Somehow this all gives me a feeling that people love to gossip, discuss for hours on the layout of this “political playground” but when it’s time to really act, they prefer to hide inside their comfort cocoons and hideouts.

Most of the people plan out a holiday, getaway or simple stay inside their homes on voting day. There are many excuses of you not interested, and a simple way to vote if you really are interested. Excuse of not having name in voter list is just an example of laziness, if we can run across to get our cars registered or for a LPG gas connection, we can get this done too. If they can’t go out and vote, what is going to happen by sharing facts and forwards about political parties on social media!

Yes I agree that you have paid taxes (willingly or unwillingly) but just paying taxes doesn’t gives you right to crib if you are not exercising your right to vote. Despite so much of push from media and EC, the voter turnout from the so called cosmopolitan was not great, which itself is a shame. If we can take out time to party despite a busy work life , why can’t we spare one hour in five years to vote ??

If you want to play this game, you have to make your hands dirty, if not for you, at least for your coming generations…!!

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Akash said...

Adding to this only voting is not going to help. We have to be sensible while voting. If we take hours to choose jeans and go through couple of reviews before going for a movie, we do proper analysis's to finalize our car then can' t we spare some time to research about the candidates. If a cricket match and movie can be a subject of our discussions and analysis why politics not?