Monday, October 10, 2016


What's an innovation ?
  • Inventing something new
  • reinventing something in present scenario
  • revamping existing processes by removing bottlenecks, or
  • doing something which gives positive new solutions
In my view, anything which improvises existing process and procedures, refining it, adding something new (irrespective of it's being big or small) which enhances the output or anything which results in customer delight should qualify as innovation. It doesn't have to be next big thing, irrespective of its size and aura, what should matter most is the customer delight and business excellence.
It doesn't needs fancy jargon, complicated explanation or fancy titles. One should target excellence with simplicity to achieve it. Targeting to enhance basic building blocks will also serve the purpose.

Simply, keep innovating and keep contributing..!!

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Edward said...

As I see, in total, there are three terms that you are referring to.. i.e. CREATION, INVENTION, DISRUPTION.

CREATION: happens when nothing like that existed. i.e. No raw material, process etc.

INVENTION: Using material that is naturally/artificially available to craft something that did not exist. i.e. Telephone.

DISRUPTION: Improving inventions to take a quantum leap at a much lower price. e.g. Telephone - mobile phones - Smartphones.

The first land line connection at my home costed INR 10,000 with a six month waiting... then. :)

INNOVATION applies to both invention and disruption. Without innovation and imagination DISRUPTION AND INVENTIONS are incomplete.