Monday, October 10, 2016

Why even the most powerful team falls apart..!!

What exactly is a team?
  • Is it only a group of skillful people working together? No
  • Is it herd of people who are expected to say yes to everything? No
  • Is it a one man show (read manager)? No
So what exactly is a team and who keeps it bonded together ?
If you go by books and management principals, it’s always a manager who binds the team together and ensures that everyone is working towards the larger organization’s goal.
But in reality, it’s mostly the inverse. The teams are driven towards more of a personal goal. Although as per “The Manager” that might be his correct understanding of the organizational goal.
Let’s have a look on few possible reasons which create this disconnect in real life

 1.     Showcasing unnecessary stress and urgency
When every-time things are portrayed as urgent and team is pushed to finish it as soon as possible. What happens eventually that team members stop giving importance to even urgent things.

 2.     Lack of transparency
I do understand that information should be shared with only intended recipients but a practice of hiding all the information just to use it at later stage never helps. It’s always good to keep your team members informed about reality of the project/ assignment. No one likes surprises, that too always.

3.     Judging people only basis own experience
It’s good to access people basis personal experience but it’s dangerous to be judgmental basis only personal experience. No one in this world is having all the experience in life. A truth, the way it’s interpreted is, My Truth Vs Your Truth Vs The Truth. Its very dangerous for any team if the manager is accessing people only basis his knowledge and consistently ignoring inputs from others or taking only selective feedback. Team members in this case lose their motivation and will never deliver to their capacity

4.     Nano-Management Expert
Gone are the days of Micro-Management, now a days managers go one step ahead and they even want to review mails which are being sent, doing multiple iterations of a simple document or spending time in revising the presentations for n number of times. When one is kept under the lens all the time, the person tends to finish the job just for the sake of finishing it because he/she knows that this will be reviewed again and again and again. This kills all the talent and suppresses creativity.

5.     Not giving personal space
Last but not least, people who expect the team to be there at office all the time, expect them to spare all the personal time for office, eventually force the team for the truancy. Everyone is a mature individual and knows how to take the responsibilities and finish it as per the agreed commitment. But everyone needs personal space too. What seems as a waste of time to a manager can be the person’s choice of de-stressing (I have heard sarcastic comments on my hobby of writing blogs in my career). This should be respected and given space.

If simple things like above are managed tactfully, the team can do wonders..!!

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