Saturday, October 03, 2009

Wake up Raj....!!

Here comes Mr. Raj Thakre again...!!

Who disappeared during Mumbai Terrorist attacks, he is back protesting KJO when his actors call Raj's "Mumbai" "Bombay" in movie "Wake up Sid". KJO promptly went ahead and apologised to Raj. CM says he should had lodged a complain against Raj, as if they will really protect everyone from Raj. What a Joke of Democracy. A single man becoming powerful than world's largest democracy. Raj and his party are concerned about Mumbai's name being defamed, but they don't care for how Indian democracy is getting defamed.

He calls people from UP and Bihar "Bhaiya" but is furious if anyone calls localites as "Ghaati", why these double standards? He is concerned that Big B is doing branding for UP but living in Mumbai. He fails to see that Big B never tell residents from other states to leave UP. Why does he fails to understand that if every north Indian leaves Maharashtra, what will happen to the revenue generated by the state when they purchase clothes, movie tickets, cars and houses? They are also contributing to the growth of Maharashtra.

He is blaming media for ignoring of what happened with UP and Bihar guys in Assam, but forgets that those who attacked them were named extremist and terrorists but he is still happily roaming around spitting venom against everyone as a free citizen of India, he should be thankful to Indian democracy for all this freedom.

What happened to "Freedom of expression" and "Freedom to go and work anywhere in India" rights provided to each and every India by our constitution. Are we standing at a junction where anyone can surpass the Government and constitution and do whatever he wants to fellow citizens?

Wake up Raj, its not only your state and country..its our country and we are spread across all states.

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