Monday, October 05, 2009

Why we really need him now..??

Today there was an article by Chetan Bhagat (He doesn't needs any introduction) in "Sunday Times". He wanted Mr M.K. Gandhi back to India. He says we cannot forget him, as if any one has got an option for doing so. Today he is everywhere, on the currency, in every city crossings, on the walls of every Govt. buildings and in speech of every politician.

Politicians talk about Mr Gandhi, wear his choice of clothes and swear by him. It is not because they really love him, its just because they have to do all this if they want themselves in the political scenario of India. I can't see them following what he preached. If they ever even tried to follow, the problem of bad roads, lack of electricity, lack of education, unemployment would cease to exist in our country by now. We really need more and more like Taroor who are very clear and speeak out their mind. At least not those who all of sudden get out of their SUVs for a night out as some dalit's house, not because they really want to be there but because it was as per party diktat.

Even today's young political leaders are calling youth to join them, but are they serious about this? Those who are joining are Jindals and Mittlas. If they really want someone who can make a difference why don't they go ahead and recruit people by advertising, recruit people who are speacialist in their fields. People who know how it feels to travel everyday in pathetic public transport to office in even NCR region.

Anyone who had read “Men Who Killed Gandhi” by Manohar Malgaonkar would surely agree that we don't need him back. The book tries not to take a side at all – which is a good thing provided the fact that neither of them (Mr. Gandhi or Mr. Godse) was justified. If Mr. Gandhi was not justified to go on hunger strike for releasing 55 crores to Pakistan while India was at war with them, Mr. Godse was equally not justified to kill somebody (and that somebody in this case was Mahatma Gandhi). The book states that both Mr. Godse and Mr. Apte were pledged to the cause of an independent and undivided India. And they held Mr. Gandhi liable for India’s division. It also points out that how Mr. Gandhi was all together alienated from the realities of divided India and public sentiments during last days of his life – and paid with his life for that.

I can never deny the fact, that today I am write this freely is just because of what efforts Mr. Gandhi and many others had put in for our freedom but I do insist that we don't need him back. He had done his bit and now its time for us to do ours. We need to think before doing anything, voting, spitting on roads, taking/giving bribes etc. For how long we will be waiting for someone to come and do good for us, we have to do it ourselves.

I had been following Chetan's tweets for past few days and I am really surprised, why all of sudden all praises for Mr. Gandhi? I don't think his views were same when he used to be five point someone during his grad days. Why all of sudden this major change, is this also a publicity stunt for your book? You really don't need to do this yourself...!!

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