Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wah Behanjee Wah..!!

Today's headline "Behanjee recruiting 1000-1500 security personals for protecting the 10 monuments and their surrounding areas".

Why so much of hue and cry? Why can't people see the bigger picture?

In a state crippled with un-employment, if she is building monuments, she is creating job opportunities. If she is recruiting security personals, she is giving those guys an option to live a life of their own as serving state government employees. If those personals will take care of area surrounding the monuments, including the public facilities, what's wrong in that. Don't you remember the pathetic situation of those facilities at other places, smile, you will get a cleaner and properly maintained public facilities next time you will visit any place like that. Which chief minister of UP in past has thought something innovative like this for the people of their state

So the benefits you have are
  • Employment for people
  • Better maintained parks
  • Hence income for the state from tourism
Ya I can see that you will say there are problems too, like
  • Wastage of tax payer's money
  • Why not security for general people?
Let me clarify on these points too. There is already a wastage of  you money, who is caring for that. You still have got potholes, contaminated water supply, poor law and order situation etc etc. So why don't accept happily what you are getting out of that? And as far as security for general people is there, wait ..she has started with parks and monuments, your turn will also come.

Till the time you get better options, why don't take what you are getting as of now. So smile, this is the best government available which you can buy :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

60th anniversary of Indian constitution..!!

I got up yesterday on 26th January with lots of cough and cold inside me (although its irrelevant here, but still I would like to mention it)  and fog and cold outside.

There were so many pieces of news floating around...One MLC from Bihar beating a girl who complained against her gunner's misbehaving...Rana's father in law claiming him to be innocent...people disliking new version of Mile sur mera tumhara....President saluting the flag past parade at Rajpath....our guests daring the cold and attending the republic day parade...the common man missing from that same parade in the name of security...Bill gates spotted table dancing and being reported as a level-40 dance party wizard....people all of sudden singing patriotic songs, which they will surely forget very next day..... taxi drivers in Mumbai getting notice to learn Marathi...and incidentally Mr Ambani opposing this move...SRK saying that whatever happened at IPL auctions was bad, but he can't help....Branjelina split....naxalites calling of a bandh in Orrisa on republic day....people not happy with the prohibition on alcohol coz they were missing that something in their hangouts...ministries clarifying and defending the mistake they did in a paper advertisement a day ago boldly..most of the office goers happy with this mid week break...people queued up in front of super markets to save their money by purchasing anything and everything that was being offered at discounted rates.... knowing that both Barkha and SRK are sad to see all the controversy around the padma awards....and so on...

Still we all celebrated republic day..!! 

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why do you need to clarify Mr Tharoor..!!

We all saw the controversy created by media about comments of Shashi Tharoor on Mr. Nehru, but it was again a case of irresponsible and non professional journalism as clarified today by Mr Tharoor. Even if it was the case so, why aren't we open to hear something about Mr Nehru or any of our politicians?.

Everyone knows about what they had given us and what have we lost because of them. The Gandhi family is here in politics because of their legacy. We always had good and bad politicians. Those who were seriously into doing good for our country never had any legacy. Where is anyone from the family of Sardar Patel or Dr Rajendra Prasad? Everyone knew how Sardar patel was asked to opt out of Congress leadership by Mr Gandhi.

All we have got now are the people from Gandhi and Nehru family.Those who got a license to "serve" the country because they are from those families. One of our ex-PM Mr Devegowda appeared on telivision scolding current Karnatak CM. Hw was using a language that will not be accepted for even a school kid. Today we have so called veterns like Mr Tiwari getting caught in something in appropriate for even a "Aam Aadmi", forget accepting a Governer getting caught in doing that.

In this scenario if Mr Tharoor writes something, he is critisised by his party and forced to clarify. Why should he do that? I am amazed by the transperancy he shows in his work. How many politicians have guts to share what they are doing in their everyday life. To share something, they need to do something in everyday life for the poeple who eleceted them, which I doubt they do.

Anyone who is interested in Indian poilitical history know about Ms Edwina Mounbatten's tryst with Indian politics and Indian politician. They know what India has lost while listening to those so called leaders. Sardar Patel who was someone responsible for bringing all small "Riyasats" together to form India of today, had different views from those big leaders of that time. And we can see now whose started things on wrong notes, we can see people again fighting for their separate states.

I being a proud citizen of free India respect everyone's views and expect everyone to express his views, so Mr Tharoor no need to clarify anything, just keep doing good work for the people..!!