Wednesday, January 27, 2010

60th anniversary of Indian constitution..!!

I got up yesterday on 26th January with lots of cough and cold inside me (although its irrelevant here, but still I would like to mention it)  and fog and cold outside.

There were so many pieces of news floating around...One MLC from Bihar beating a girl who complained against her gunner's misbehaving...Rana's father in law claiming him to be innocent...people disliking new version of Mile sur mera tumhara....President saluting the flag past parade at Rajpath....our guests daring the cold and attending the republic day parade...the common man missing from that same parade in the name of security...Bill gates spotted table dancing and being reported as a level-40 dance party wizard....people all of sudden singing patriotic songs, which they will surely forget very next day..... taxi drivers in Mumbai getting notice to learn Marathi...and incidentally Mr Ambani opposing this move...SRK saying that whatever happened at IPL auctions was bad, but he can't help....Branjelina split....naxalites calling of a bandh in Orrisa on republic day....people not happy with the prohibition on alcohol coz they were missing that something in their hangouts...ministries clarifying and defending the mistake they did in a paper advertisement a day ago boldly..most of the office goers happy with this mid week break...people queued up in front of super markets to save their money by purchasing anything and everything that was being offered at discounted rates.... knowing that both Barkha and SRK are sad to see all the controversy around the padma awards....and so on...

Still we all celebrated republic day..!! 

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